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Radio Show: 3 Steps You Need to Design A New Financial Future

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Tuesday 24 January 2017
11 AM to 1 PM Pacific

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Brandy Speer

  1. Face Your Fears
·         Remove obstacles
·         Your past holds the key…
·         Be honest about your fears
·         Know that your relationship with money is not something to be afraid of, but something that you can manage. 
·         Identify and write down 7our greatest fears

It is critical that you identify the thoughts causing you anxiety. A manufactured reality about a scary, negative, and imagined future. 
Write down in a “Financial Journal” your greatest fear when it comes to money.
Then move past these fears and allow yourself to create your new financial future.

  1.  Embrace New Truths
·         Start with an attitude of gratitude
·         Define your American Dream
·         Why it is important to achieve financial wellness?
·         Make a pledge of commitment to your new truth
·         Make the pledge your mantra

  1.  Create Your Financial Action Plan
·         Begin setting detailed goals
·         Include lifestyle choices for each age range (10 year increments)
Choose a goal that is challenging yet achievable.  Such as…
Long-Term Goals
ü  I will achieve financial independence by _____ and I will feel ____ knowing that I am able to ____.
ü  Within the first year of my financial independence or retirement I will have ____.
ü  Within the fifth year of my financial independence or retirement I will have ____.
ü  Within the tenth year of my financial independence or retirement I will have ___.
ü  The big project I will accomplish at some point during this period is ____.

Short-Term Goals
ü  Within one month I will feel great knowing that I ____.
ü  Within six months I will feel great knowing that I ____.
ü  This year I will feel great knowing that I ____.
ü  Next year I will feel great knowing that I ___.

What is the greatest obstacle to obtaining wealth? 
What keeps you from having money?
What is the first step to increase your money flow?
What is your fear?
What do you want for your money?
Why achieve financial wellness?
How do you create the financial life you want?
How does your past hold the key to your financial future?
What does it mean to face your fears?
Why is it important to face these fears?
How do you create new financial truths?
What is the most important ingredient to creating a financial action plan?

Some Topic Sources                                      
National Financial Educators Council
Leslie Tayne, Life and Debt
Anthony Robbins Personal Power
Suze Orman
Warren Buffet
Financial Literacy Action Network
FLAN works with people/communities/organizations/businesses who want to embrace and join forces to bring the vision of financial education (personal money management) to themselves, their families, employees and communities
Course participants will learn how to properly manage their money, save, invest and grow it.  It’s about dreams and goals!
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The financial literacy curriculum & presentations are designed to accommodate a variety of schedules and learning outcomes. Organizations have used the curriculum as workshops of various lengths, after-school programs, weekend seminars, camps, in-class training, lunch-and-learns, for-credit college classes, employee education and various other delivery forms.
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