Monday, March 12, 2018

5 Things That Will Improve Financial Conditions for You With Brandy Speer

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 A Blueprint for Personal Money Management Success

A.    Fortify Inner Strength
§  Understand and Direct the ‘Forces’ that Shape My Life
§  Get Focused and Clear
§  Empower Myself to Make Better Decisions

B.     Embrace the Formula for Happiness
§  Learn the Formula for Happiness
§  Master the Science of Achievement
§  Master the Art of Fulfillment

C.    Make Conscious Decisions (3x2x3 Rule)
§  My Decisions Equal My Destiny
§  Be Aware of the 3 Decisions We Make Every Moment of Our Life
§  Learn About the 2 Forces that Influence Every Decision You Make
§  My Only 3 Choices to Handle Negative Life Conditions

D.    Harness Your Personal Power
§  Get Dissatisfied
§  Face Your Fear
§  Take Consistent Action to Change Behavior
§  Get Leverage on Myself

E.      Manage Spending
§  Live Below My Means
§  Examine Wants vs Needs
§  Get Right with My Money
What are the ‘Stages of Change’?
What is your current stage of change?
How do you plan to move to the next stage of change?
What 2 forces influence every decision?
When unhappy, what are your only 3 choices?
What is the key to manage spending?

National Financial Educators Council, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Suze Orman

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