Tuesday, October 23, 2018

7 Common Credit Report Errors That Need Repair

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7 Common Credit Report Errors That Need Repair 
7 Reasons to Repair Your Credit Before You Retire

1. Personal Information updates
It is up to you - Creditors are horrible at this.
2. Closed Accounts incorrect information
Correction not always easy
3. Duplicated Negative entries
Loans change hands or collection accounts
4. Payment History reported by creditor incorrectly
Creditor reports their credit experience with you incorrectly
5. Ex-Spouse or Family Member
Common credit accounts are improperly reported 
6. Cosigned Loans 
The risk to your credit score 
7. Identity Theft or Mistaken Identity
When accounts are opened without your consent using your identity or Derogatory information applied to you in error

Repair Your Credit Before You Retire
1. New Credit Harder to Get
2. Easier to fix credit when working
3. May need to access credit lines
4. May need financing to move
5. Guarding against asset seizure
6. Bad credit affect insurance rates
7. Reduce or eliminate debt going into retirement

Where to get my credit report?
Should I pay-off old charge offs?
Do old closed accounts hurt scores?
Is a debt consolidation loan good to pay off credit cards?

Sources FTC, Suze Orman, credit sesame
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