Monday, November 19, 2018

Holiday Survival Tips: 3 Powerful Emotions that Affect Your Money - Radio Show

Brandy Speer, Financial Literacy Consultant

Get Your Act Together Holiday Survival Tips
3 Powerful Emotions that Affect Your Money

How About More Affordable Less Stressful Holiday Season?

Master 3 Emotions – A Key Factor in Taking Charge of Your Money
      Fear Constricts prevents you from taking action
     Shame Destroys makes feel undeserving
     Anger Paralyzes turns away money
Embrace New Truths Render these emotions powerless over you and your money

Avoid Money Mistakes Everyone Makes During the Holidays
We Forget to Prioritize
Confuse Generosity with Thoughtfulness
Over Indulge in Food and Drink
Try too Hard to Keep Up with the Joneses
Spending Beyond Your Means
Borrowing Against the Future
Ignoring Your Holiday Budget

Psychological Tactics Marketers Use – What they don’t want you to know?
Highlight Your Flaws
Run Emotional Ideas
Use of Color Psychology
Promote Exclusivity
Repositioning Competitors
Introduction of Fear, Doubt and Uncertainty

What percentage of our economy is based on consumer spending?
How does your financial situation affect your emotions and reverse?
How does color marketing effect consumer behavior?
What is the Psychology of Consumer Spending?
What does it mean to embrace new truths?

Sources   National Financial Educators Council, Suze Orman, National Retail Federation

Color Meaning, Symbolism, And Psychology: What Do Different Colors Mean

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